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Start Page

A terminal-inspired, clean, feature-rich, and customizable browser start page designed for geeks. Supports local, docker and online usage.


I created this project to align my browser's look and feel with my .dotfiles style. It allows you to quickly launch your favorite URLs in style. With a built-in editor, you can easily customize it to your liking.

Over time, I have received positive feedback from the r/unixporn community, which motivated me to further improve it.

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For detailed usage information, please refer to the wiki page for guidelines on using the Start Page online, as a fork, or with Docker.


  • Filter links by typing in the prompt
    • Quickly filter links by typing in the prompt. Pressing Enter will open all filtered links at once.
    • If nothing is filtered, the text in the prompt will use the default search engine to search your input.
  • Launch websites directly from the prompt by typing the URL (e.g.,
  • Search websites using custom commands. For example, type s some weird bug to search Stack Overflow for "some weird bug."
  • Wallpaper support with URL, blur, and fade effects.
  • Customizable Fetch UI for displaying browser and system data, including custom image support.
  • Autosuggest and Autocomplete support, similar to zsh and fish shells.
  • Cycle through filtered links back and forth.
  • Multiple theme support (check all available themes).
  • Built-in configuration editor for easy editing and saving of your configuration.

Please refer to the configuration page for more information.

Built-In Commands

  • Use the help command to display usage information, including your configured search shortcuts.
  • Use the fetch command to display system and browser information, such as time, date, and data about your system.
  • Update your configuration using the config command:
    • config help - Displays usage information for the config command.
    • config import <url> - Imports configuration from a URL to your local storage.
    • config theme - Lists all available themes.
    • config theme <theme-name> - Switches between themes and sets your local configuration.
    • config edit - Edits the local configuration using the built-in editor.
    • config reset - Resets your configuration to the default settings.

Key Bindings

  • Use to auto-complete suggestions.
  • Cycle through filtered links using TAB and SHIFT + TAB.
  • Quickly clear the prompt with CTRL + C.
  • Close windows with ESC.