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A somewhat comprehensive list of tools and softwares that I use on a daily basis to design and code things.


Due to my varied work experience, I have been using a lot of programming languages from C++ to Python, and have a wide variety of DCC software experience including Maya, zBrush, Substance Designer and Substance Painter. Also working with Unreal Engine and Unity for the last 7 years.

You can find the comprehensive list of what I use down below.

Programming Languages

Here are the languages I work with on a daily basis. Love creating stuff via coding!

C++Good old yet still athletic C++
C#Using it on Unity projects
PythonFor plugins and automations
HLSLEven though I use nodes, sometimes it is nice to write functions by code
LUAFor plugins and in-game code where parser present
JavaScriptFor some tools and web stuff

Design Apps

Here are the design tools I use. For my personal works, I am starting to get rid of all the subscription-based apps. Professionally, I use whatever the company provides.

MayaFor 3d modeling an animation
BlenderFor 3d modeling an animation
zBrushFor 3d sculpting
Substance DesignerMaterial creation
Substance PainterTexturing tool
Adobe PhotoshopPixel graphics
Adobe IllustratorVector graphics
Adobe After EffectsMotion graphics
FigmaFor prototyping stuff
AsepritePixel art love

Development Apps

To keep it clean, I use less software for more integrated and robust desktop environment. Most of the apps are heavily customized to fit my needs.

RiderMore advanced code editor
VS CodeLightweight code editor
DockerLightweight code editor
AlacrittyBeloved terminal I use daily
ForkWhen shit hits the fan

Game Engines

I love working on real time visualizations. Here are the game engines I have been using professionally for a long time.

Unreal EngineHands down, the best game engine
UnityA simple yet powerful game engine

Terminal Junkie's Belt

Here are some of the tools I use from my beloved terminal. I use fish shell with starship prompt through my own dotfiles configuration.

gitSource control system
git-lfsFor using large files with git
lazygitTerminal interface for git
git-deltaA syntax-highlighting pager for git
lessThe well-known pager
neovimTerminal-based text editor
LunarVimA community driven IDE for NeoVim
tmuxTerminal multiplexer
midnight commanderFile manager for terminal
nodeJavascript runtime environment
yarnNode package manager
ffmpegVideo and audio toolkit
batA cat command replacement with wings
bat-extrasA few bat extensions
exaA ls command replacement
ripgrepRecursively searches directories for a regex pattern
tldrCheatsheets for console commands
the-fuckCorrects your previous console command
neofetchA system information command