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A somewhat comprehensive list of tools and softwares that I use on a daily basis to design and code things.

Design Apps

Here are the design tools I use. I am starting to get rid of all the subscription-based apps

Affinity DesignerFor vector graphics
Affinity PhotoFor pixel graphics
Affinity PublisherFor documentations
SketchFor early prototyping
BlenderFor 3d modeling an animation
OptimageImage and video optimization
SipBeautiful color picker

Development Apps

To keep it clean, I use less software for more integrated and robust desktop environment. Most of the apps are heavily customized to fit my needs.

VS CodeLightweight code editor
RiderMore advanced code editor
CLionFor doing c++ stuff
AlacrittyBeloved terminal
GrapherFor prototyping algorithms
RegExLabFor writing expressions

Terminal Junkie's Belt

Here are some of the tools I use from my beloved terminal. I use oh-my-zsh with a modified Spaceship Prompt with my own dotfiles configuration.

homebrewNearly everything in this list is installed via homebrew
gitSource control system
git-lfsFor using large files with git
git-deltaA syntax-highlighting pager for git
tigTerminal interface for git
lessThe well-known pager
neovimTerminal-based text editor
nvchadA perfect neovim config setup
tmuxTerminal multiplexer
midnight commanderFile manager for terminal
htopAn interactive process viewer
batA cat command replacement with wings
bat-extrasA few bat extensions
exaA ls command replacement
ripgrepRecursively searches directories for a regex pattern
tldrCheatsheets for console commands
the-fuckCorrects your previous console command
neofetchA system information command