Git Cheat Sheet

Hello there!
Here I would like to share my most commonly used git commands and a few aliases to keep your console simple and beautiful by formatting.


Create a new local repository

Clone an existing repository

Check Changes

Check all changes

Check status

Changes to tracked files





Show Log By Author


Add To Stash

Show Stash List

Pop Stash

Apply Spesific Stash

Drop Spesific Stash

Stage & Commit

Add all changes to next commit

Add file changes to next commit

Commit staged changes

Change the last commit

Change the last commit name

Branches & Tags

List all existing branches

Switch HEAD branch

Checkout to a remote branch

Create branch

Delete local branch

Delete origin branch

Tag current commit

Update & Publish

Download all changes

Upload all changes

Publish tags

Merge & Rebase

Merge into current HEAD

Rebase your current HEAD onto

Don’t rebase published commits!

Abort rebase

Continue rebase

Use your configured merge tool for conflicts

After solving conflicts mark as resolved


Discard all tracked changes

Discard all local changes on working directory

Discard all local changes in file

Reset HEAD pointer into a previous commit

Advanced Stuff

Local Garbage Collection

Delete Old History (

Check LFS

Editing Global Config File

Setting An Editor For Config File

Git Alias

Shortcut Git Status: Use ‘git st’ to show git status -sb

Formatting Git Log: Use ‘git ls’ to show log with colored format

Formatting Git Graph: Use ‘git graph’ to show log with colored format

Show only modified and deleted files including your extension

Ignoring Files Locally


Git Config settings for external diff / merge tools

Dark Meld On MacOS
You can also activate hidden dark mode within Meld thanks to GTK

First, you need to open Meld settings

Then add the entry below within environment, just after "LC_CTYPE": LANG

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