Git Fundamentals: How To Collaborate

This git fundamentals post will help you to understand how to collaborate using git with your colleagues. Considering you already know what is git and how to create a repository, now we can dig further using git effectively with other collaborators. Note that this won’t include open source project approach. Even the principle is the…

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Git Fundamentals: Working On A Repo

Since you have already have a basic knowledge of what is Git and a few tools and providers to start with, it is time to get on with working on your own repository. Creating A Repository In order to work on git, you have to create a repository first. Depending on your choice, GitHub, Bitbucket,…

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Git Fundamentals: How To Start Using Git

The “Git Fundamentals” idea have been around my mind for a long time. For developers, git may be easy to understand but for many artists it is mostly overwhelming. In these series I will try to explain what is Git and how you can use it for your own projects, especially tailored for non-developers and…

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Git Cheat Sheet

Hello there! Here I would like to share my most commonly used git commands and a few aliases to keep your console simple and beautiful by formatting. Create Create a new local repository Clone an existing repository Check Changes Check all changes Check status Changes to tracked files Log Read More